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The Dorothy Shim Sham - Tap Level: Intermediate

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The Dorothy Shim Sham
An Intermediate Tap Routine by Dorothy Wasserman

Taught by Dorothy Wasserman

Tap Level: Intermediate

You'll enjoy learning this swingy, funky take on the Shim Sham Shimmy from stellar instructor, dancer, and creator of The Dorothy Shim Sham, Dorothy Wasserman. Her teaching is clear, accessible, and upbeat. After breaking down each step, you'll join her practicing at various tempos, and before you know it, you know the entire 32 bar chorus routine.

Dorothy Wasserman created this unique interpretation of the Shim Sham Shimmy in 1978, while teaching, choreographing and performing in Boston, MA. In 1985 and 1986 the dance was performed in New York City's Greenwich Village in Jane Goldberg's All Women's Tap Show, Sole Sisters.

Gregory Hines saw The Dorothy Shim Sham and featured it in the 1989 Tri-Star major motion picture TAP, starring Hines, Sammy Davis Jr., and Savion Glover.

Now you can join legions of dancers the world over and learn The Dorothy Shim Sham!

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    Rusty Frank
    I always wanted to learn this dance, and I did!

    I remember seeing this exciting Shim Sham in the movie, TAP!, and I always wanted to learn it. Dorothy's teaching on this video is clear and easy to follow. Just taking it step by step, I was able to learn the whole dance. Just love it!