Thank you for the dance lessons. The wedding and dance were a success!

Here are pictures. First is Drew and her husband, Patrick, then one of me and Drew dancing [father-daughter dance]

Thanks again,it was fabulous, we are sorry it is over :)



Hi Rusty!

Thank you so much again for all of your help! Everyone loved the dance so much. It was most people’s favorite part of the wedding day (including ours).

Hope to see you soon!

Ashley & Phuong

WATCH THEIR FIRST DANCE:  Click on the picture, or click HERE.


Our wedding dance was PERFECT! Everybody was shocked we learned how to dance and loved it. Thank you so so much, you made our wedding day so special. You were an awesome teacher, thanks again!

Eden and Alex

WATCH THEIR FIRST DANCE:  Click on the picture, or click HERE.

Hi Rusty!

Our Charleston first dance was an absolute hit! We are STILL getting compliments, guests requesting an encore dance, and others claiming it was the best wedding dance ever. Thank you, thank you, THANK you for your amazing hard work and patience with us.

What an incredible time!! Thanks a ton!

Jenny and Chad


Hi Rusty,

Camille and I just wanted to thank you again for the great lessons we got from you leading up to our wedding! The dance was a hit at the wedding!

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing at Rusty's Rhythm Club one of these Wednesday nights!

Micky and Camille


Hi Rusty,

Everything went great. We had a ton of fun during it. Thanks so much for the lessons, it really made the dance more enjoyable and much less stressful.

Once again, thanks so much. You were so helpful and really came up with an amazing choreography. Everyone was complimenting us on how amazing the dance was. And they all cheered during the Charleston like you said they would. haha

Thomas and Lauren


Dear Rusty

What can we say but thank you so much for all your guidance, teaching and encouragement as we prepared for our first dance as husband and wife! Brian was already dancing down the aisle after the ceremony!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Love, Liz and Brian


Thank you Rusty for choreographing and polishing our wedding dance! All the effort was really worth it. Our first dance was truly spectacular and everyone was so impressed. One of our wedding guests summed it up best when he said "That's the coolest thing I've ever seen!"

I think the fact that we gave ourselves sufficient time to master the basics before we even started rehearsing the first dance choreography made a huge difference. Doing four months of group classes (Levels 1 and 2) as well as the Musicality course (Level 3) really helped us find our dancing feet before we started learning our wedding routine. Then continuing on with an additional three months of group classes while taking our intensive private wedding dance lessons honed our new skills. Meanwhile, dancing and partying weekly with our new friends from class at 'Rusty's Rhythm Club' helped to boost our confidence. We wanted to be at a level where we didn't have to worry about the moves and we could just enjoy performing the dance at the wedding. Thank you so much for getting us there Rusty.

You helped to make our day AMAZING. You're a legend!

Heather & Napoleon xxx

photo by Jeff Ellingson


Dear Rusty

Saul and I only got to dance together twice before our wedding dance went live, but we thought you should see the result! Thanks for everything you taught us both


Samantha & Saul

Note: Samantha and Saul were in my Lindy Hop classes at USC. Some years later, Samantha got Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a degenerative ligament problem that makes her super-flexible and her joints prone to dislocation, thus causing the need for her to use a wheelchair. She and Saul adapted their swing dancing and did a beautiful job on their First Dance.


Dear Rusty

What a blast we had! We can report back to you that our dance was a huge hit at the wedding and we have you to thank for working with us to make it a dance we will never forget.

Thanks again and we will see you soon.

Mr & Mrs Grant Burton :-)



We took dance classes with Rusty in prep for our wedding's Bride/Groom Dance. We knew we wanted the dance to be fun, surprising and upbeat but had no idea how to get it right.

Rusty is a top notch professional and she guided us through from start to finish in creating a one of a kind wedding dance. Rusty's first step is to size you up as a dancing couple and within an hour she will be able to accurately tell you how many classes you need to get to where you want to go. In our case the Groom, Zaur, was a bit skeptical that things would progress as quickly as Rusty had outlined. Much to his surprise we were exactly on schedule to learn our dance.

The entire experience was super fun and upbeat. Our guests were totally blown away by the dance. Everyone was yelling, screaming, clapping and cheering us on. Our guests from France, Spain, Russian and Poland have never seen Lindy Hop and totally fell in love it.

We loved our classes so much with Rusty we intend on taking more private classes.

If you don't want to look awkward doing a prom style dance, give a call to Rusty. She's got what you need.

Totally love Rusty Frank.




I can't say enough how much you helped me prepare for our first dance! You took me under your lindy wing, and gave me the confidence to go for it in front of all my family and friends. With your help, I was able to showcase how stunning Beckie looked, rather than inadvertently turning everyone's gaze toward my two left feet.

We repeated your mantra all the way onto the dance floor... Slow down time, take snapshots, and have fun! We were able to do all three while dancing. With just a couple of minor exceptions, we totally nailed the routine! We have you to thanks for that, Rusty.

Your teaching style seamlessly "lowered our affective filter" (teacher term) and made us able to take on ambitious sequences that would have otherwise been unsuccessful. I truly feel lucky that we wound up at your lindy by sea classes, and I look forward to continuing to work on being a great lindy partner with Beckie for years to come.

In the stressful weeks of planning that led up to the wedding, our dance lessons were always a great little oasis, where we could bond together and remember what our day was really all about. A friend said at one point, "a couple who dances together, stays together." I couldn't agree more!

Thanks again Rusty!


See their First Dance


Hi Rusty,

We're back in LA after our wedding in Wilmington, DE. The wedding was great, even though we did have to postpone it by a day due to Hurricane Irene--so instead of having the wedding on August 28, it turned out to be August 29. But we had a great time!

We were especially happy to be able to do a great first dance, and we had FUN and felt confident doing it. Huge thanks to you for making it possible, both through the Tuesday and Thursday group classes and the private lessons.

When we started taking the LBS classes earlier this year, I never expected that we could go from "dancing zero" to having the dancing be the total high point of our wedding reception. Anyway, some people at our wedding seemed to like the dance (ok, I'm understating...many told us it was the most fun first dance they had ever seen!), so we put a video of it on YouTube. We thought you might like to see it too. Here's the link, and thank you again!!!!! YOUTUBE

Looking forward to seeing you in the Tuesday class next week.

Greta & Taki Ito


Hello Rusty!

We just wanted to send you a note and picture of us on our wedding day. Thank you so much for all of your help---knowing that we only had time for 2 lessons was a little stressful but you made everything so easy and look so amazing! All of our guests were so impressed and everyone thought we had been practicing for months:) Thank you again for working your magic, you helped to make our day and our first dance very special! Everyone loved the "dip"! :)


Alyssa and Ruben Costa :)


Hi Rusty!

Attached is a picture from our First Dance. Although I had been doing Lindy for some time, Tara was essentially a newbie to Lindy Hop when you worked with her. Thanks to your instruction and advice our routine turned out great. And Tara looked like a pro! It's amazing what 2-3 hours can do, eh! Thank you so much for your help in making our First Dance a success.

Reggie and Tara


Hi Rusty!!

I hope this finds you well! We are back in California after our wedding last weekend and our dance, well, it was a hit! Despite our off-timing and our major mess ups on our six-count moves (there's even a point where I stomped on Geoff's foot), everyone seemed to love it and the dance is what everyone seems to remember about the day. Though we are clearly ultra-amateurs, we had a blast and I think it really made the day!

Thought you might like to see the video! Hopefully when you watch the video, the crowd going wild will help distract you from our missteps! :)

Thank you so much for all of your help with the dance! We couldn't have done it without you.




Hi Rusty,

Steve and I want to thank you for an amazing job at our wedding. Our guests loved the swing lesson and it fit our plans perfectly! My mom was so enthralled that she missed half the photos, but she had so much fun dancing with everyone! Here are some photos to show you how much fun everyone was having.

Thanks a ton!



Thank you so much, Rusty!!!! You are just a peach, you know that???

Thank you again for helping to make our wedding reception so memorable. I still have folks talk to me about your lesson, 8 years later.

Hoping life is bringing you wonderful things.

Hugs and Love, Margie



Dear Rusty,

Thank you so much for being a witness at our wedding ceremony on the Cayman Islands. Having you and our Lindy By The Sea friends there meant a great deal. The Lindy Cruise was the PERFECT honeymoon for us, because if it weren't for your dance class and Rusty's Rhythm Club we never would have met and gotten to know each other! You have changed our lives in such a positive way and created a wonderful family environment. We consider you not only a great teacher but a true friend.

Lots of love,
Kimmy (& Brian)

[Note from Rusty: "This is me on the right, giving two thumbs up
to the students who met in my classes!"]



Dear Rusty,

Even though Lee is a professional musician, he never has really learned how to dance! Thank you for teaching him the basics. It really made a difference in our first dance as husband and wife.

Also, having you and your team there on the dance floor during our reception was such a lovely way to encourage my guests to dance.

Thank you so very much Rusty!

All the best,

Cassie (Miller) and Lee Thornburg



Thanks sooooo much for the lessons. You made our First Dance the highlight of the night!!! We received many compliments from family and friends, and we told them we couldn't have done it "Without Rusty's help". Your instruction made our dance so special and memorable!!

Thanks again Rusty!!

Gina & Eddie


Dear Rusty,

Fred & I just wanted to thank you so very much for choreographing our wedding dance for us. I swear we would've been so lost without you!

When Fred and I left your studeio, we were both so taken with how easy you made it all seem. Of course, we still needed practice, but you broke down the dance into such simple steps and terms that it no longer seemed unattainable that we could swing dance an entire song together.

Thank you. You were also so relaxed and fun that we were made to feel truly at ease. The whole experience was such a blast and we will always remember it.

Thank you, too, for the swing class taught at our reception. We had such agreat turn out on the dance floor! Friends that I never thought would be out learning to dance, were out having a great time.

The whole night was such a whirlwind of memories. We can't thank you enough for adding that additional 1940's feel to the evening.

Jeannie & Fred



Your lesson at our wedding was smash! People loved it. Thank you so much for providing it and making everyone get off to a great and fun start. It really broke the ice.

Grace & Theresa Troupson




Thanks so much for the lessons for our first dance. Our dance was one of our favorite parts of the whole wedding day, and just look at the people's faces!

Thanks again,

Pat & Tanya


Dear Rusty

We can't thank you enough for helping to make our wedding reception an evening that we and our guests will never forget.  We've been told over and over how much fun the lesson* was for our non-swing dancing guests. Can you believe one "never-get-me-on-the-dancefloor" friend is now enrolled in swing lessons back home?!  We expected the lesson would ensure dancing that evening and provide an activity for our guests while we continued taking pictures, but we also appreciate that it created an opportunity for friends and family to meet and mingle when they otherwise wouldn't.  And that definitely helped keep the party so festive and all inclusive. We had a fabulous time and we know our guests did, too.  Thank you so much.  We couldn't have imagined a more perfect day then all our guests dancing at our wedding. Sincerely,

Doug & Melissa

*At this wedding, there was a 45 minute dance class for all the guests while the wedding couple had their photograph session.


Hi Rusty,

our first dance went great! Everyone is still talking about it. We really owe you a HUGE thanks for taking the time to work with us before the wedding. Dance lessons truly were one of the best parts of planning the big day!

Thanks again for being such a wonderful person and a fantastic teacher!!!!

Sarah & Rudy


Hi Rusty,

Our wedding was great - including our first dance. Thank you so much for all your help.

Thanks again!

Jennifer & Alan


Hi Rusty,

Rusty, Here is our picture of our first dance dip.

Thank you Rusty. Our first dance was the highlight of our reception.

Margie and Richard



Hi Rusty,

Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL dance lessons! Not only were they what they should be (fun, fun, fun), but you made my non-dancing hubby into a regular Fred Astaire! Everyone at the wedding loved our first dance. We got so many compliments on our fancy foot work as well as our choice of music (thanks to you!). As you can see from the pictures, everyone is watching and smiling!

Thank you!
~Heather and Mike Ryon

Note: Heather and Mike's wedding and preparation was filmed for The Learning Channel's A Wedding Story.


Dear Rusty,

After much fretting and stressing (mostly on my part) about our wedding dance choreography, it all came off without a hitch - mainly because we took your advice to just enjoy it no matter what. It was a pleasure having you all to ourselves while we were learning it, and your non-dance advice was just as valuable as the dance advice. Our guests got a big kick out of it - especially since most of them had no idea that Dave could dance at all!

Many, many thanks for helping us swing into our new life together with style!

-Lin & Dave



Hi Rusty,

Kim and I wanted to thank you again for teaching us some slick moves on the dance floor! While we danced, everyone was hooting and hollering. It was a wonderful moment and great fun thanks to you!

Attached are a few of photos that you can post on your website if you'd like.

Take care and many thanks!
-Bryan and Kim Libby 


Dear Rusty,

Just a note to say THANK YOU so much for the dance lessons! Our swing dance at our wedding was a HIT! We were so worried when we first met with you, the moves you showed us looked so hard! But with your patience and great lessons, we mastered them (well -- we at least looked good doing them!). The red high tops were awesome -- got some great laughs! And you were right -- the crowd loved the swivels! We got lots of hoots and hollers!

Francisco's Dip at the end was the biggest hit of all, everyone thought it was the best! We also video taped the dance, and so many people have asked to watch it. Thank you again so much! You made our dance one to remember!

Steve and Michelle Rajotte



Dear Rusty:

I want to write you a letter to thank you for helping John and me prepare for our "first song" at our wedding reception.  You made it very easy for us to learn to dance... the two of you are talented instructors who are accessible, accommodating, and patient.  I was amazed at the progress that John and I made in only three lessons.  We were very pleased when our dance successfully surprised everyone at the wedding and set the party off on the right foot, so to speak.  For the record, you were right:  the "mess around" and "the dip" got plenty of hoots and hollers!

Thanks again.  Taking swing lessons with you was a pleasure.  We'd recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to swing dance or to improve their abilities. Sincerely,

Kelly Quimby Catron

P.S.  I included a picture of "the dip" at our reception.  Check out the expressions on the guests!  (The woman behind John with her mouth open is my mother.)




We have enclosed a picture of us at the wedding.  We are so glad we took those lessons from you both.  You could not have been more helpful, patient, and encouraging.  You both are terrific instructors who both have a passion for what you do and it shows.  We still get so many comments on how good the dance was.  It really impressed a lot of our friends and family, especially since I  (Kevin) had no dance experience of any sort.

We had a video shot at our wedding which came out great.  One of the best parts was the dance.  It was very neat to see how our dance came together.  My mother-in-law kept wanting to see our dance over and over again.  She just could not get enough. Thanks again!  You guys are great!

Kevin and Cari Shultz


Hi Rusty,

Scott and I just returned from our honeymoon and wanted to thank you so much for our private lessons! Our first dance turned out better than we ever expected! We looked like pros! Our guests were so impressed and had so much fun watching us dance. The Charleston was a big hit and received lots of hoots and hollers! Best of all, we had fun out there on the dance floor. I was amazed at how much we enjoyed the dance and how everything felt so natural. All of our hard work paid off! We'll send a photo as soon as we get them back from the photographer.

Thanks, Laura