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Stan Kahn's Tap Dance Technique with Sam Weber - Tap Level: Beginner-Advanced

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Stan Kahn's Tap Dance Technique
Taught by Sam Weber
2-Disk DVD Set

Tap Level: Beginner-Advanced

"These exercises form the foundation of Stan Kahn's technique. I don't know of any other system that can take a dancer as quickly from a beginning level to an intermediate-advanced level and prepare them for the advanced work that will follow." -- Sam Weber

Stan Kahn was a tap dance master, choreographer, and teacher who influenced generations of dancers. He was born February 1, 1915, in Oklahoma City and began dancing as a child. For more than 45 years, he and his wife, Pat Mason, operated the Mason-Kahn Studios in San Francisco - a center of learning and artistry for professional tap dancers such as Tommy Tune, Sam Weber, Steve Zee, and thousands of others.

Stan trained generations of performers and it is important to note that many of these dancers have gone on to be internationally renowned teachers. It is in this way that Stan's legacy is far reaching. Not only did he personally touch the lives and careers of over sixty years worth of students, he ensured the perpetuation of his art form by inspiring and training teachers who, in their turn, inspire and train others. He not only influenced the past and the present - Stan Kahn touched the future.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Nadia, Holland
    he instructions are very clear and easy to follow

    Hi Rusty,

    I love to work with this DVD. It sure is an addition to my lessons. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The exercises on music are surprisingly nice to do because this is how I can learn to feel the rhythm. The movements of the arms, shown by Sam Weber, is certainly another addition for me. It makes the tap movements more beautiful and complete.

    I'm also very pleased with the tempo. First slow and than further to up tempo. I can choose whatever I like to practice. In one word, I can recommend this DVD to every beginner.

    This is "a must have" DVD.


    Reginald, from Sweden
    Recommend this dvd to anyone who wishes to improve their dancing

    Dear Rusty

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting out such wonderful tap Dvds. I am a beginning tap dancer whose been learning at home from dvds. If I had gotten the Stan Kahn's Tap Dance Technique dvd first I would have saved a lot of time and MONEY.

    The tips on balance that Mr. Weber gives are worth the price of the entire 2 dvd set, and if that's not enough just wait until they see Sam Weber improv WOW! I would recommend this dvd to anyone who wishes to improve their dancing.

    Thanks, Reginald

    Kobelt Sisters

    Dear Rusty,

    Wow! What an amazing job you did with the dvd on Stan Kahn. From Sam's brilliant instruction and interview, to many nostalgic moments in videos and candid pictures (we were suprised to see ourselves in one of the kick lines at the studio!) - you captured some priceless, memorable moments.

    All my best,

    Karla (& Klaudia) Kobelt
    Kobelt Sisters -- former students of Stan Kahn

    Steve Zee
    A monumental undertaking


    OK. It's around midnight and I watched a huge chunk of disk 1 and all of disk. I can't believe how monumental an undertaking this dvd was and I think you did a remarkable job of making it a community event by including so many people, their photos, words, videos, everything. It is a very beautiful and generous thing, in addition to being a great teaching lesson. You did a great job.

    This whole e-mail [is] just telling you how wonderful and touching this dvd will be to anyone who knew Stan and how informative and insightful it will be to anyone seeking good information for teaching.

    Really. Brava!

    Steve Zee

    Loreen Buford
    Stan is smiling on you

    I'm sooooo glad you did this DVD

    Stan is smiling on you.

    Debbie Sternbach
    Tap Instructor and long-time Student of Stan Kahn
    Berkeley, California

    I received the DVDs today. I'm reviewing Stan's DVD (at work). You are so right - it is awesome and exactly what I've been looking for! I haven't come across anything that teach how to use the arms, which helps to make you look like a professional dancer. I'm glad I don't have too much to "unlearn". I can't wait to get home to try it out. Actually, I've been going into the restroom to practice the steps throughout the day. I'm planning on doing a solo dance routine for my husband for Father's Day. Thank you so much for your website. Please don't stop adding to it! More than likely I'll have a shelf dedicated with all of your DVDs. I'm also teaching my granddaughter (21) everything I learn so she'll have a talent to fall back on.

    Loreen Buford