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Stan Kahn's EE - Tap Level: Advanced

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Stan Kahn's EE
An Advanced Tap Routine in Tribute to Louis DaPron

Taught by Sam Weber

Tap Level: Advance

"We've presented Stan Kahn's most basic technique exercises previously with "Tapping With The Masters.' Here, I present one of Stan's most advanced routines, the culmination of his graded system of routines and exercises.

From the intermediate to advanced levels, Stan's routines were given letter names, such as "A," "AA," "B," "BB," and so on, rising in difficulty.

"EE" is a challenging routine in which Stan pays tribute to his friend and colleague, Louis DaPron, another master featured in our series. Louis' characteristic slides, thirds, riffs and cramp-rolls are presented here and given the Kahn touch."

Sam Weber

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