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Sam Weber's Advanced Tap Technique, Part One

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Sam Weber's Advanced Tap Technique, Part One

Taught by Sam Weber
Tap Level: Advance

From Sam Weber:   

“On our Tapping With The Masters Stan Kahn Tap Technique, I taught his twelve basic exercises, explaining the principles of complete and immediate weight transfer and of using the leg to move the foot with the ankle completely relaxed.   The five complete exercises here are intended to expand the use of Stan Kahn’s technical principles so that more intricate rhythms can be done at greater speed with ease.  In addition, I present some new applications of the technique which can be incorporated into choreography and improvisation.”

What's In This Lesson:  Five Advanced Tap Exercises

Exercise 1: One-And-A-Half Shuffle, in three rhythms

Exercise 2: Shu-Heel-Fle & Fa-Heel-Lap

Exercise 3: One-And-A-Half Shuffle & Shu-Heel-Fle Combination

Exercise 4: One-And-A-Half Flap & Fa-Heel-Lap Combination

Exercise 5: Heel Shuffle, Part’s 1-8

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