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Louis DaPron Chorus - Tap Level: Intermediate

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Louis DaPron Chorus

Tap Level: Intermediate and up

This routine is near and dear to the heart of Rusty Frank, as Louis DaPron was her tap mentor during her formative years. This one chorus routine is a personal favorite of Rusty's and was taught to her by Louis when she was a teen. It is perfect for intermediate through advanced dancers.

Louis DaPron began as a child performer and went on to become a legendary Hollywood choreographer. In the history of tap dance, DaPron stands out as one of the true greats. DaPron's unique style was developed in the "Golden Era" of the 1930s. Louis DaPron's artistry earned him the highest recognition, respect, and admiration from both Hollywood and the dance world. Louis DaPron was Donald O'Connor's principal choreographer. DaPron also taught and/or staged acts for Gower Champion, Perry Como, Doris Day, Roland Dupree, Vera-Ellen, Judy Garland, Mitzi Gaynor, Bob Hope, Ruby Keeler, Jerry Lewis, Ann-Margaret, Ann Miller, and Gingers Rogers.

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    A true brain teaser in the best way

    First off let me say that Louis DaPron is a legend and no tap dancer should miss the chance to learn part of his repertoire. The fact that Rusty took the time to preserve this is a gift to tap dancers around the world.

    I first learned this dance from Rusty Frank at a dance festival in Nebraska and was delighted by the unusual rhythms and tricky weight changes.

    Next I learned it from Louis DaPron's daughter, Diane, at another tap festival.

    Now I'm totally committed. I had downloaded this dance years ago, but I've pulled it back up and I'm really digging in and learning the whole thing completely so I can perform it with my tap company in Utah, Rhythm Nation Tap Company at the Utah Tap Fest "Rhythm in the Rockies" concert this July.

    Thank you Rusty for making this possible. Louis DaPron's work lives on forever!