Rusty's Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop! With Rusty & Ted - Level 3

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~ Connection

~ Musicality

~ Styling

By the time students get to Rusty & Ted’s Level 3, they have plenty of Lindy Hop moves and are budding with curiosity about all that styling and musicality they see on the dance floor... and they are ready to try it!

Level 3 focuses intently on musicality and styling for Leads and Follows, and the connection that makes it all work.

You’ll also learn how swing music is constructed, how to hit the breaks, and what to do with your moves to make sure that you are dancing "to" the music (like a musician) rather than dancing "through" the music (like a train!).



Internationally acclaimed Lindy Hop instructor, choreographer, performer, and producer, Rusty Frank began dancing the Lindy Hop in 1996 and founded her school, Lindy by the Sea and her weekly swing dance, Rusty's Rhythm Club, in 1998. She has been nourishing a growing dance community ever since. Her upbeat and thorough teaching methods and her special events have garnered countless accolades, including her induction into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame and the Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame. She is also featured in the swing dance documentary "Alive And Kicking."

Ted began doing the Lindy Hop in 2001 as a freshman at USC, under the tutelage of Rusty Frank. His love of dancing and talent for performance earned him a spot on the Swing Shift Fliers (Rusty's dance team), and as a member of the award-winning teams One2Swing and Special Delivery Stomp. Ted has been co-teaching with Rusty the Levels 1, 2 & 3 classes at Lindy by the Sea since July 2014, and he is an utter delight. You'll see!


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