Dear Friends,

I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support of my dance preservation work. It's wonderful to know you appreciate it!

I often receive lovely letters from dancers, and I thought it was about time to start sharing these with you. They are just so nice!

Thank you again for our enthusiasm and encouragement!

Rusty Frank

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Hi my dear Rusty!!!

My history with "Tap dance" comes since i was 6 years old when a channel of television it broadcast a cycle of movie musicals for chronological order called "Broadway melodies", Immediately i feld in love with all these old movies, especially with "42nd street" and "Broadway melody of 1940" (In the deepest of my soul I love this movie!!!). From this moment, promised myself that some day when i was growing would learn to dance "Tap Dance"!!!

My love for Rusty Frank began when accidentally and investigating at, I discovered "The Shim Shame series". With your dvd I discovered a new world and a different way of experiencing the "Tap dance". Immediately I fell in love with your look, and your style to the years of the golden age of Hollywood, Really amazing!!! I began to buy all your dvds. I do not want to be repetitive, but I think that they are the best instructionals dvds that I ever seen, really!. And it happens to me slightly very strangly since already you have turned into a very special person into my life, When many evenings opposite to the television I put my dvd and Rusty appears miraculously and teach me all these wonderful dances to me!! It is a pure magic!!!!. I believe that many of the peoples who have acquired your dvds feel the same thing that I say to you.

I will never get tired to Thank you for the fondness, the charisma and the patience that you project across the screen, Millions and millions of thanks!!

Your Spanish pupil,

Chema Marín
Madrid, Spain

Dear Rusty,

Thanks for your email. It gives me the chance to thank you for the wonderful contribution you make to the tap dancing community. I have enjoyed and benefited so much from your book, "Tap!" and your videos. If we are ever at a tap event at the same time, I will introduce myself.

Very best,

Pam Brennecke