"The Rhythm Pals"

Tap Dancers!

"If you're blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits, puttin' on the ritz."

Rusty & Greg performing with The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra

Rusty & Greg. Rhythm. Pals. Tap. Dancers. Put it all together, and you've got "Rusty & Greg, The Rhythm Pals" one of the newest sensations to sweep the nation.

Rusty & Greg bring to life the fun and high-style of tap dancing from America's Golden Age of musical entertainment. The duo has delighted audiences with their song and dance act at such venues as Hollywood's famous Derby, the world-renowned Jazz Sweet & Hot Festival, the Fess Parker Resort, and LA's Rhythm Club. They have performed with such legendary bands as The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra, and New Orleans' Banu Gibson.

Rusty Frank has been tapping since she was a curly-top six year old. Her passion followed her into adulthood, when (as a curly-topped adult) she authored the foremost book on the history of tap dancing; Tap: The Greatest Tap Dance Stars and their Stories. Her mentors include, Louis DaPron, Fayard Nicholas, Gene Nelson, Bob Scheerer, Jon and Katie Zerby, and Miriam Nelson. She currently performs and teaches tap and swing dancing all over the world.

Gregory Gast started teaching himself to tap after watching "That's Entertainment" when he was 15. After coming to Los Angeles in 1988, he began studying with Pat Rico, Bill Bartlett and the great Richard Kuller. Now, as an actor in film and television, Greg follows the advice of his friend, 90-year old film choreographer Alex Romero, and keeps dancing.

Rusty and Greg's style evokes the memory of Eleanor Powell, Donald O'Connor, Ann Miller and Fred Astaire. Give them a wooden floor, a tune that swings and an audience, and they're in heaven.

Rusty & Greg in action!
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Performing at
Rusty's Rhythm Club
September 2003
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Performing with Banu Gibson
at the Sweet & Hot Jazz Festival
Los Angeles
Setember 2003
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