Rusty's Rhythm Club - Compliments



September 27, 2014

Swing dancing has increased my pleasure in life more than I ever imagined possible. What a treat after working hard to get dressed up to meet up with wonderful people, listen to great live music and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!

Thanks Rusty Frank for another amazingly enjoyable night at Rusty's Rhythm Club. Stompy Jones worked their musical magic, and I had to remind myself how special it is to get to enjoy musicians such as these LIVE every week.

Laura Talamante

2/2/2013 from Cheryl Birch

What you do on the west side is so fantastic, I hope it lives on forever. You teach people the etiquette of the dance and keep live music alive.

Thanks to your classes, I know many of the folks who attend, and I always have a great time when I'm there.

Last night, I literally danced every song except for two songs. For a girl who spent high school dances hoping that someone would ask her to dance at least for one dance in an evening, Rusty's is pure heaven for me! You have no idea how sad it makes me to miss your Wednesday night dances. It's on my Outlook calendar every week.

Take Care,

Yelp Review ~ 6/23/2011 from Kimberlee Vander Most

I adore Rusty's Rhythm Club!!!

I came one fateful Wednesday night attempting to fulfill a New Year's resolution -- finally try swing dancing after years of "what if's" and "if only's". I'm not the most coordinated of people, but I thought I'd jump in and give it a whirl...if just for a night. (I write this now 2 months into lessons)

You see all levels of dancing and all age ranges at the Club - which is part of why I love it so much. The complementary beginners lesson really does teach you the very basics you need to know to dance through a song and have some fun doing it. And you'll be surprised by how much you learn just getting out there and dancing with the regulars - who are not only amazing dancers, but so friendly and happy to dance with the newbies.

The crowd is really so incredibly polite and friendly. It is just such a unique venue where a group of people from all walks of life get together to just plain enjoy such a fun dance and great music. Rusty always has an incredible live band lined up - I don't know how she does it, but I'm enjoying it for sure!

For some housekeeping details: $15 cover. Cheap drinks if you need to take an edge off. Plenty of parking behind the Elks Lodge.

Go just once and I'll bet you'll want to be one of Rusty's students :) That's what happened to me! :)

Yelp Review ~ 1/21/2011 Tina Bui

My first night here I had so much fun, I signed up for Swing Dance lessons the very next day!

Every Wednesday (and one Friday a month) Ms Rusty Frank transforms the Playa Del Rey Elk's Lodge into a Swingin' Dance Club.

For a mere $15 you can dance to some of the best live swing bands. Cover includes a complementary beginners lesson before the band starts. The bar is inexpensive. Ample free parking behind the club.

Full range of dancing levels from "I saw it in a movie once" to "dancing for 50 years." There's a very casual atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and approachable. Even strangers will ask each other to dance. All this adds to making you feel welcome. I think it's the friendliest swing club in LA.

I've been going for a few months now and every night here has been STELLAR!

Yelp Review ~ 11/16/201 Amanda J.

This place is the best! The people who go there are so welcoming and friendly. Rusty is just the greatest, if you have questions she is always there to answer them. After finding this place I started taking lessons with Rusty at her Lindy By the Sea classes in El Segundo. I would say it's one of the best experiences I had living in LA.


You have a wonderful crowd that frequents your club and for whatever reason (could it be the gal in charge setting the tone?) your club is one of the friendliest places to dance. I'm sure you've heard that, and if you haven't, then you need to know that I've heard it said several times. So, there's one for you!

Hoping to be there next week and make up for lost time and dances!

Katie Allbee

I've danced at a lot of places... nothing compares to Rusty's Rhythm Club. It really is a home away from home. Where everyone knows everyone. No attitudes. It's simply pure joy and fun! Thank you, Rusty, for providing such a wonderful home for all of us swing dancer!

Babs Yeh



Just wanted to thank you for a most enjoyable evening at the Wed. night Swing Dance. The lesson was fun, the music great, and everyone was so welcoming. Its nice to know "Southern Hospitality" is alive and well in California. I hope to come back and take a lesson or two.

All the best

Jim Gloster "North Carolina"




July 14, 2002

Dear Rusty,

Thank you for your kind words and for inviting us to perform at the Rhythm Club. It is such a pleasure and privilege to be able to play for dancers who enjoy and appreciate our music. I have gotten many comments from band members as to how much fun they had performing for such a wonderful crowd. Your club has a very "homey" atmosphere, which I believe is largely due to the tone you set, which makes for a great environment to play and dance in.

We wish you continued success and hope to see you very soon. Please pass along our thanks and appreciation to everyone who came...the best gigs always result from when the band & dancers can connect...and your guests were very much open to connecting with us...this gig will count as one of my personal favorites in almost 9 years of performing with the Esquires.

Yours truly, Wolf Fengler & the Esquires Big Band



Hi Rusty,

I wanted to just share with you on a personal note how much the entire band enjoyed the other night. As you know, this was our first time out, and to have the level of interaction between the dancers and the band was really inspiring to us. It made us play on another level. I, personally, was amazed at some of the things coming out of players that have been with me for years.

I attribute this to the enthusiasm of your crowd. And a lot of this is because of the fact that you teach your students much more than just dance moves. You have been a very strong proponent of 'dance etiquette', but that spills over to everything else. There is a certain kind of 'swing-mindset' that you have instilled in your students.

And it also seems that your students really know how to treat a band! That crowd was an inspiration to us. It made us play better.

Please tell your students how much we appreciated their enthusiasm.

Keep it up. You are loved by a lot of people, including me.


-Pete Jacobs