Private Lessons

"Hi Rusty, I just wanted to thank you again for my private lesson series. You are a master mechanic! You're that rare combination of great artist AND great teacher. It's interesting what a few pointed improvements do for one's confidence. Will now happily practice all that you've taught me." Lisa Richardson


Lessons are an hour & may include 1-2 people

Critically acclaimed dancer and instructor, Rusty Frank, offers private dance lessons in Swing Dance, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, 1920's Partnered Charleston, and Tap Dance. Work one-on-one or bring in a dance partner and share the lesson.


For those of you getting ready for your wedding, Rusty can completely choreographed a routine or just teach you some nices moves and a dip for your First Dance, whichever works for you.

Discounts for Lesson Packages:

1 Lesson

$100 total
2 Lessons

$180 total
3 Lessons

$240 total


How do I set up my lessons with Rusty?
Just contact Rusty by EMAIL or Phone (310 606 5606)

What payment do you accept?
To hold your lessons, pre-pay by:
Venmo: Rusty-Frank-1
Paypal: ("Friends & Family" only)

What times does she have available?
Times are flexible for weekdays and early evenings.

We're getting married, can Rusty help us with our First Dance?
Absolutely! She can help you with a choreographed routine or just some good moves and a dip so that you don't look like you are at your Jr. High school dance.

Where are the lessons held?
At Rusty's studio in El Segundo

How much are the lessons?
Pricing depends on how many lessons you take:
One lesson is $100/hr.
Two-Lesson package $90/hr ($180 total).
Three-Lesson package $80/hr ($240 total)

How many people can come to the private lesson?
One to two people.

Contact Rusty by EMAIL or Phone (310 606 5606)



We had a blast yesterday at our lesson - it was great to feel the flow and work on the footwork.

You are so great at what you do.

Thanks for the notes too. The private lessons are the best because we get to make corrections on the spot.

Let's see when we can schedule another lesson.


Rusty Frank is a miracle worker! She can make the rhythm-deprived dance ;)

Thanks Rusty, looking forward to the next lesson.


After one hour, now I don't feel like so much of a klutz!

Phillip, Australia

Rusty Frank has years of teaching throughout the world.
To see a sampling of her credits, click HERE.