Many personal notes have come in for Pops. There's a tremendous amount of love out there for Pops.

Happy Reading,

Rusty Frank & Scott Lawrence
Co-Founders, Pops Emergency Relief Fund


The microphones are whispering: "We miss you, Pops".

All the best,
Lorenzo, USC

(This one says it all!)

I just saw Sicko this evening.. then came home to see Michael Moore on Colbert Report..

I was very heartened and *outraged* to see this effort to help Pops, as it is a shameful reminder of this 'health care' reality/nightmare for those of us in the States..

I'm glad I could be of some 'remote' help to my fellow brother... since the stupid insurance / pharm companies and their puppet legislators won't make it happen anytime soon..

much love to 'Pops'

I want him to come back to the SB Rec Center when he's feeling all better!

Brian Marconteli Santa Barbara, CA

I truly miss you fronting the band. Your warmth, enthusiam, and energy was so infectious! Though the band sounds good, it is/will never be the same without you. Thank you for so many wonderful dances...Both you and your wife will be in my thoughts and prayers...I cheer you on to get better, and nourish the swing community with your energy again!!

with smiles,

Yumi Narita

Hi Pops:

I have heard about your health problems and I've been waiting to hear about how I could help.

I'm thinking of u and will never forget those wonderful moments with Swing Session/Stompy Jones.

With much love,

Stephanie Page

Hi Pops,

All the best wishes from your German fans. We hope you feel better soon. Don't forget: Love and belief can move mountains!

So keep figthing!

We are looking forward to listening to you again.


Yours Marcus & Brbl

Hi Rusty,

I don't know if you remember me--we met several years back when I was helping to chauffeur Katja around as part of the swing exchange you had arranged back then. I've still got the photos of you, Katja, Samantha Tansky and I over at the Roosevelt.

In any case, I'm an old friend of Pop's -- I use to live a few doors down from him in the same apartment complex up in Novato. I was just telling a high school friend about how he had introduced me to swing back in 2001 and happen to see the note about Pop's condition! (I'd been off of the scene for a year or two now and hadn't been keeping up.)

He really means a tremendous amount to me. He was one of the few smiling faces I got see on a regular basis back then when I was going through some pretty tough times of my own. I'd see him riding his purple hot-rod bicycle on almost a daily basis as I'd be walking up to the mailbox each morning. Eventually, he got me to come see him perform, which pretty much got me hooked on swing ever since.


Mark Johnson

I love you Man. I'll help you all I can.

Zalman Sher

Wishing you the best. We miss you out at the Verdi Club.

Michael Marangio

I'll help out with what I can when I can -- I'm just a student, myself. I want to let you know that the swing community does care about you and hope you can get better soon! Love your bands (Stompy Jones & Swing Session)!

Sophia Tsai

I heard about your plight from a friend at Radio Paradise, the online radio station. My heart goes out to you and your wife. Take care.

Leslie Clement

Hang in there, pal -- we're all rootin' for ya!

Dean Mora
Mora's Modern Music


Swing Session was the first live swing band I ever danced to at Top of the Mark back in 1999. Since then, I've enjoyed SO MANY of your concerts -- by far, the BEST little jump swing band in all the land! And YOU were the key component of their success with your unique vocals, style, and sense of humor.



Love, Leanne Mackenzie


I don't even know you, but you sound so awesome and look so cool that I just want to give you a hand. Plus, you're a musician!!!

Edward Broderick

Dear Pops,

I hope this little contributions helps brighten your day. I met my boyfriend (now husband of 6 years) on the dance floor and we have a beautiful 15 month old son now. Who knows if we hadn't of been out swing dancing...we may never have met!

Love to you and Lois,

Lisa and Kirk Fong


My wife, Camille, and I used to go see you and the Swing Session at Aces Supper Club in 2000. We've since moved to Massachusetts (your old 'stomping' grounds, if I remember correctly), and we've missed you terribly! We're happy to be able to help out an old friend! Cheers,

Adam & Camille

You have always been core to the "Swing Scene" for us. Having you at our wedding in October 2005 was the icing on the cake.

We miss you and wish you well!


Billy and Jenn Elftman


Your favorite tall black female wishes you all the best. Keep up the good fight and know the whole Swing Community wishes for your recovery and misses you.


Kelli Dawn

LOVE you, love your music.

Love, T and T


We've been fans since 1998! Thanks for the great Tuesday night shows at the Hi Ball Lounge and all your fantastic performances after! We're happy to be given this opportunity to help you and hope you'll be singing again soon (other than the blues).


Dave and Jessie Everett


You're a national treasure. No amount of money could repay you for the countless hours of enjoyment you've given to all of us. You're sorely missed.

- A.J. 'Wingnut' Hunt

You've got plenty of fans and friends like me here in Los Angeles.

I'm happy to help! Thanks, Pops!

Michael Rose

Best wishes Pops, I hope the disability starts up quick!

Rafael Leckie

Sending lots of love and good wishes your way. I've been there, and I understand.

Get well soon!!


Stephanie Voss-Irwin

Dear Pops,

Thank you for all the love and attention you showered on us dancers over the years inside and outside your performances. You deserve every penny that the scene musters up in your time of need (and more).

Also know that you are dearly missed.

Get better Pops, so that you can come out to visit us (even if you don't perform a lick).

Jason Taylor

Good luck Pops,

from Mikal Sandoval

Not much but hey hope you can sneek a shot of Jameson with this heehee. Mom and Dad Peter want to help as well, so I will be sending another donation soon.

All my Love get well!!!!!

Little Red Elizabeth (Elizabeth Gatley)

Get well soon. We love you.

(No one else can sing like you, especially "That Night")

The Professor, Robert Vangor

We miss you, Pops! Hope you feel better soon. See this link for pictures from Indian Summer 2005. I'm Rachel, the girl in the white sequin flapper outfit. HERE

LOVE, Rachel Donovan

Hey Pops.

A while back you nicknamed me scratchy, and after that you always seemed to recognize me. Thank you for everything you have done for the Sacramento Swing Scene. I'm sorry I can't give more but I hope this helps a bit. Feel better. We are all rooting for you!

-Nicole Barden (aka:Scratchy)


I'm thinking of you and hoping things get better for you and quick! knock wood.

Bridget Segurson

You were so kind to me when I first visited San Francisco at Broadway Studios.

I wish you only the best.

Kennly Asato

Good luck with everything.


Thank you Pops for all that you have given to the swing community. Almost all my favorite swing dancing memories are with you behind the mic. There isn't a band on earth I have seen as often as I did swing session/stompy jones and you are sorely missed. Not sure it will ever be the same without you.

Take Care of yourself, get well and the L.A. Swing Community sends it's love.

Laura "Cherry" Brown

Have missed you and continually ask about you! Glad Rusty and Scott have provided an opportunity for us to help you!

Take care and know there are so many thoughts and prayers wishing you well.

Rhonda Hicks


You and your music have touched so many of us over the years; I don't think the Bay Area will ever forget you!

Wishing the best for you and Lois.

Nicole Lieurance, Santa Rosa, CA

Be well, sweet man. Thanks so much for all the joy you've given. I'm only sorry I couldn't give more.

Kristine Agricola Wade

Pops, we really miss you :'( It just ain't the same w/out you crooning with the band


Hello, Pops!

We're pulling for you and your wife. My Dad had the same ailments as you currently do, and, after the proper treatments, he came back to a good degree of comfort and health!

Keep swingin!

Linda Mathews

Hi Pops,

I've meaning to write you a letter for ages. I don't get a chance to see Stompy often at all these days (still working as a veterinarian in Sacramento), and was sad to hear that things aren't going well for you when I visited the Jazz Festival in May. You and your wife Lois are in my thoughts- I am more than happy to be able to help in a small way. I can't think of a worse bout of luck happenning to a more wonderful guy, and wish you the best. Your favorite doc (veterinarian!),

Sheila Segurson

Thanks for the joy.

Howard Spencer

God bless!

Yo! Pops:

We're thinking of you and Lois. Nothing is the same without you. We've tried calling but to no avail. We'll try again. We miss you.

Grant & Shirley Pyle

Get well soon!

Michael Varney


Sorry to hear about your problems. I hope that things turn around for you.

-Jay Cunanan

We miss you Pops! Our hearts and thoughts are with you

Alex and Joanie Loh

Dear Pops,

I hope you feel better and get well soon. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

Wishing you well,


Hi Rusty,

Thanks to you and Scott for organizing this. I love Pops and miss his good cheer and great spirit. I wish him and Lois well. I've just sent in a donation to help.

Please pass on my very best to Pops when you speak with him next.


Jeremy Sutton, San Francisco

Hi Rusty and the gang

It's Ian and Sheilagh here from UK.. Thanks for organising the fund for Pops. Although we are in UK we have been followers of Swing Session and Stompy Jones for years. I have just made a donation and would you please pass on our best wishes to Pops. I think he will remember us - I gave him a copy of a Humphrey Littleton recording of the number 'Stompy Jones' last time we met.

Thanks again for doing what you do Rusty. As this will be an on-going need could you remind us with an email next month or can we set up a small direct monthly payment??

Best wishes
Ian & Sheilagh, United Kingdom

Hey Pops -

hang in there and good luck

Ben and Sheri, Los Angeles


I've danced to you for years, but had the pleasure of working with you at LeeAnne & Dan's wedding a couple years ago (I was their wedding coordinator.) Hang in there! We are all pulling for you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Much love from L.A.

Melissa & Doug Allen
San Fernando Valley, CA

It's not much, but it's what I can afford and I know every little bit will help. My thoughts and prayers are with Pops and his wife to get through this difficult time.

All the best to you, Pops!! You're the Best! We have traveled far several times to catch you and the boys! You make all the dancers in your audience feel So Special....just like you, Pops. Caledonia!!

Ken and Kim, Federal Way, Wa.

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