June 1st 2005


Frankie Manning. Meet him next weekend in Pasadena!


"I dunna have a Scooby"

--This is in the slang language of "Glaswegian". The first person to send me an email with the correct answer, will get free admission to the Rhythm Club tonight. The hint is that we all often feel this way on the dance floor.


Meant to get this Newsletter out Tuesday, but jet lag finally slammed me. And no wonder, with travel in the past two weeks from Scotland to Los Angeles to Philadelphia to Delaware (okay, that's not so far) to Philadelphia to Los Angeles, teaching my little heart out in all sorts of dialects ("I dunna have a Scoobie"... translation please), that I would finally fall on my proverbial face. I'm pooped! Now fortified with a full night's sleep in who knows whose time zone, I now will attack the weekly newsletter with gusto.

Special thanks to all who kept the home fires burning in my absence: Jessica Densmore, Ron Campbell, Gio Quintero, Mae-Lae Louie, Robert "The Professor" Vangor, Glenn Parkison, Peter Livingston, Jon Moody... and anyone else who helped unbeknownst to me.

Many of you have asked about my trip, so I have included the Scotland leg of the trip for your reading pleasure under

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    There's no place like home, but then again, Scotland's pretty great!


    Take a look at our Link of the Week below for details on this awesome event brought to you by Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association and featuring legendary Frankie Manning, Shout and Feel It performance troupe from Sweden, and a dance with Stompy Jones!


    Our good friends in the UK, The Jive Aces, have a new single out, and there is a campaign to get it on the Top 40. If you are a Jives fan, a swing fan, a dance fan, you can be part of this. Here's the scoop directly from the boys themselves:

    Dear Rusty,

    We are releasing our new single on 6th June. It's the White Cliffs of Dover and the proceeds are going to the Royal British Legion. What we are trying to do is get as many people to pre-order on the hmv website as possible before the release date as all the pre sales count on the first week of release and we only need a couple of thousand to get into the top 40. All the details are below including the link direct to the correct page on HMV's site. Thanks for your help.

    Cheers, Alex

    "White Cliffs of Dover"
    (Cat No. RIGHT038)
    Pre-order NOW from
    (Only 2.99!)

    Available from HMV, Virgin Megastores and all good record shops from 6th June, 2005. To celebrate the end of WWII the Jive Aces are releasing their jumping version of the war time classic made famous by Dame Vera Lynn.

    The Jive Aces have teamed up with the Royal British Legion and are donating the profits of the single to the charity. Help the Jive Aces say thanks to everyone who sacrificed and risked their lives to preserve the freedom we enjoy today in Britain.

    The CD single also features an enhanced CD live video performance of "White Cliffs of Dover" introduced on stage by soul legend Isaac Hayes and also a previously unreleased Jive Aces original song, "A Very Strange Trip".

    HMV ship internationally so everyone can pre-order now and help contribute to the Royal British Legion.


    The new schedule is posted below, so we have opened up Pre-Registration. For you Sunday Level 3 people, we're looking forward to you joining our Track and the Featured Class on Monday and/or Tuesday.


    We're ready, are you!



    We understand that some of you were unable to attend the first week because of the Memorial Day Weekend, please come along and join us next week! You'll not find it at all difficult to catch up.


    Rueda came from the Salsa world, and simply put, is a Swing Square Dance. We partner up and stand in a circle, like in class. The caller (Rusty or Ron) calls out the moves throughout the song, and all the leaders follow the calls. Many of the moves involve passes from one partner to the next (like in a Square Dance). We use all the Level 1, 2, & 3 moves, PLUS there are a bunch of moves just for the Swing Rueda: "Po Po Bump", "Lone Star," etc.

    We love this class! It is such a high, such a laugh, AND such a good opportunity to get the basics down pat.

    If you are a Level 3 or up, come along and join the fun.


    We have a lot of wonderful options at Lindy By The Sea. Such as any second class taken on the same day is 1/2 price, and our "Golden Ticket" allows you to take ALL of our classes in a given series for only $100 or $90!! if you pre-register! What a deal. If you took four classes in the series, it would break down to $5.62 a class -- where else are ya gonna find that kind of bargain.


    Practice Sessions:

    Tuesday, June 7: 7:00-7:30
    Tuesday, June 14: 7:00-7:30

    Rhythm Club Display:

    Wednesday, June 15: 9:30ish
    Invite your friends!

    "I learn it on Monday, I practice it on Tuesday"

    We have been noticing a rise in "Golden Tickets" as a result of our dual nite Tracks. People have been buying this all-in-one card as an opportunity to real pace themselves. As we have heard, "On Monday nite I learn the moves, on Tuesday nite, I practice the moves." If you would like to take advantage of our best offer, sign up for a Golden Ticket ($100, all the classes you want in the month series, or $90 (!!!!) pre-registered).


    (click on image to find out how it works and how you can get one!)


    We have pre-registration discounts of 10% on the website. So you can register with your Quick Stop Card, or right on our site "easy peasy lemon squeezy". Go HERE. Remember, pre-register for class(es), you'll get a 10% discount off the normal prices. You can pre-register over the phone (310 606 5606), by check, or at on-line We hope that you'll enjoy taking advantage of this new offer...



    Yes, it's that time again, "The First Wednesday of the Month" when we have our Beginner Swing Dance Class at the Rhythm Club. We offer this super easy class for those who just want to check out the scene. Maybe they're not sure enough about swing dancing to sign up for a full 4-week Lindy By The Sea course yet... This class is just meant to give them a "taste" of the dance and the people, the environment, so to speak. Let all your co-workers, friends, relatives, and others (?) know about it. Oh yes, this is also a nice class for our shy beginner students who have been trying to get up their nerve o come to the Rhythm Club. Take the class and you'll meet a bunch of people right off the bat.


    I heard that last week's "Floor Debut" at the Rhythm Club was fantastic. Thank you all for being so patient these past months. And thanks to Michael D'Angelo and his amazing crew for the fine job they did on ensuring that we got a great dance floor.

    I do have a huge favor to ask of all: Please treat this new floor with TLC. First of all there is something known as "New Floor Syndrome," quite similar to "New Car Syndrome." You guard it with your life. The Elks over there have it.

    You can help us protect our new floor by observing the following "Rhythm Club Floor Protection Campaign":

    No tape on the bottom of your shoes
    (tape leaves black/grey marks and a sticky mess on the floor.)

    No powder
    (baby powder grinds into the floor and removes the floor finish)

    No wax
    (waxes, like Shuffleboard wax, add a film onto the floor and make it dangerous to the unprepared, and also destroy the finish)

    Please refrain from heel slides that tear up the floor

    Note: Please let me know if you see someone "hurting" our new floor. I will be happy to take care of it.

    JUNE 1
    JUNE 8
    JUNE 15
    JUNE 22
    JUNE 29
    Dance Lesson and DJ on the first Wednesday of each month from 7:30-8:00
    8:00-11:30pm -- Dance! Dance! Dance!
    (check our calendar)

    Full details, click HERE
    Directions, click HERE



    This Week's Celebrations

    Lisa Garner
    Oscar Nunez
    Christian Hansen
    Dan Danner
    Jennifer Thomas

    If it's your birthday this week, just let us know at the Rhythm Club so you can get your birthday dance!

    Here's some information about an upcoming event with our "Swing Shift Rhythm Club". We hope you will consider joining this wonderful yahoogroup made up of US for the purpose of doing good deeds in the community through swing dancing and just having plain ol' fun! Go to the bottom of this newsletter for information on joining


    We have an Event On June 18th

    Little Company of Mary Sub Acute Care Center
    3620 West Lomita Blvd. (between Hawthorne and Madison)
    Torrance, CA 90505
    3rd floor Dayroom
    310-378-8587 (#4262 Shirley Torstensen, Activity Coordinator)

    According to Activity Coordinator, Shirley, "Most of our residents are vent or trach. Some are very responsive and enjoy live entertainment. For others, the dance and music would provide a wonderful sensory stimuli."

    Not only do we need 4-6 couples to dance, we also need "hold hands" with residents, a narrator, DJ, (digital) photographer, all that stuff. As well as the usual display of Lindy and West Coast, we hope for a sample of Ballroom or Latin, as well as a tap number from a local tap student.

    Hope to hear from you soon. You can talk to me at classes, at the Rhythm Club, or via my email below.


    Subscribe to SwingShiftRhythmClub


    At Edinburgh Airport with hosts Susan and Gary of Flyright Dance Company
    Here's from an email sent to my family while in Scotland:

    Slang from Scotland!

    I'm here safe and sound! The journey over was long and uneventful. Watched two movies, one being Billy Elliot... love that movie.

    First day here I got taken for a lovely long walk to Arthur's Seat, saw the Queens Swans, and an old church ruins from the 1600s. Arthur's Seat is just basically a massive, lovely mountain covered with gorse (a lovely yellow flowering bush). Just one walk, and it was very apparent I wasn't in Kansas anymore. May I say, it's sooo Scotish here!

    Arthur's Seat

    My hosts and one of their employees took me out to a wonderful Thai restaurant in town (Edinburgh), and what a tasty meal it was after two days of airplane food. Yummmm.

    After the first day of sightseeing at Arthur's Seat, Friday was mostly into the work portion of the trip. Worked all morning in the Flight Right Dance Co office going over the workshop details. Then in the afternoon, I was taken on a short countryside drive through, what else, golf courses. Breathtakingly beautiful. I hadn't realized that ancient volcanos spot the landscape here. There are rolling green hills, flat lands, and then every so often a small extinct volcano. We stopped for lunch in a two hundred year old pub overlooking all of this. To make things perfect, the walls were papered with 1920's and 1930s wallpaper. The food was delicish!

    Friday night was a welcome dance, and I got to meet the local lindy hoppers. I don't think I have done that much swing dancing since prior to hurting my arm last December. It felt really great, I have to say. The party started out so quietly, and people were sitting around shyly, I just started walking up to each and everyone of them asking for dances... both men and women. Pretty soon it was well understood that I wasn't one of those teachers who sat in corners, isolating themselves from the students, so it was open season on Rusty. Everyone was so nice. Really welcoming. I also got renewed empathy for leaders! What a hard job they have.

    Seema & Lee -- Edinburgh's Swing Retro Couple

    Got to bed at about 2am... and then up bright and early for the big Saturday program. I guess there were about forty students throughout the day. The first class was 1920's partnered Charleston. I led, and one of the top followers here in Edinburgh (and she's from Australia) was my assistant. Everyone loved the class. It was a huge hit. Then Colligate Shag. I had worked with an awesome "retro" couple, Lee and Seema, the night before, and they were my assistants; this class,too, was a huge hit. There just hasn't been exposure to these dances here in Scotland yet.

    Susan & Gary back from a 60th Anniversary Dance Gig (60th Anniversary of the end of WWII

    Then lunch, where the Rusty Frank Shop opened for business and there was a veritable feeding frenzy of dvds,cds, t-shirts, an books. Yeah for that!

    Then I did the lecture/clip program. I had a collection of about an hours worth of clips that they just loved, and most of which they'd never seen before.

    Last dance class of the day was Hollywood Style Lindy Hop, which was also brand new for them. It's interesting to me how these dances and dances styles travel around the world. Charleston, Shag, and Hollywood Style hit LA in 1998... and hit the rest of Europe around 2002... but there are still untapped pockets, which is really lovely. I say this, because the dance always needs a little shot in the arm to keep interest going strong, and I know that adding these new variations into the mix really stimulates the scene.

    Well, you'd think this might be enough for Saturday, but no. There was still the Vintage Hair Styling Workshop. That was a blast, as usual. It's basically like a good ol' fashioned slumber party; all these girls together, giggling, and trying out these different hair styles to get the retro look. I think they were really pleased to see themselves look so pretty in that vintage look. I also had to have a laugh that it's me leading it... as I had to be the number one tomboy of the age when I was growing up, and now I'm teaching "glamour" workshops!

    The Lindy Hop Workshop survivors!

    My hosts them brought me back to the flat, which is wonderful, by the way, for a quick nap, an then back for a dance. They mentioned that they didn't have a dj for the party and I offered to fill in (as I had done the night before as well). I was beginning to wonder how I was going to survive the equivalent day on Sunday for the tap workshop!

    The dance was a lot of fun, but I definitely didn't dance as much as the night before. I was beginning to get frustrated with my arm, as it's just not "giving" at the shoulder to go up. Dang. Though, happily, no pain at all.

    The Tap Dance Workshop participants

    Sunday went great... this was in a totally different dance space. The ceiling is made of glass and the view through is of Edinburgh Castle! Not bad, eh!

    Take a look through the glass ceiling and you'll see Edinburgh Castle!

    I taught a total of three hour and a half dance classes, and an hour and a half clip show. Everything was a hit. They loved all the dances I taught.

    It was interesting for me, this weekend. Friday and Saturday consisted of the swing dancers... and just when I had built a rapport with them, I had to start all over with the tap dancers. I have never had that experience before. It actually required quite a bit of energy to do that whole thing twice.

    After the workshop was over, we had a small dinner at the flat with the workshop organizers. It was really nice to just hang out in a relaxed atmosphere, talk about the weekend,the local scene, the world dance scene, and just life itself. Lee an Seema were there, too, and they told the fascinating story of their marriage: She is first generation Scots, her family being from India. He is many generation Scots. Her family disowned her when she married, as they had planned an arranged marriage. Hearing the story, one which you hear about often but can barely believe really exists in the modern age, was amazing.

    All work done, today was pure vacation. The organizers, Susan and Gary, came by in their car an we spent the ENTIRE day touring around the countryside. It was pure heaven. I have more pictures of green fields, rolling hills, castle ruins, and quaint cottages than you can shake a stick at.

    We finished the day running through the Edinburgh streets through pouring rain trying to find a place for dinner, then after eating, returning to the flat where we watched the hit show "Strictly Dance Fever", an entertaining dance competition show where couples have to learn new dances and perform them each week; the winning couple will be placed in a West End show. It's taken the UK by storm, and it was fun to see what all the fuss was about. Then they brought over some Scottish TV comedy programs for me, all of which they had to translate, and, of course, which became hysterical once understood!

    Tomorrow I get on a plane for Los Angeles, only to turn around the following day for Delaware's Tap Day Rusty Frank Workshops. Oh my goodness!

    Some last images of Scotland... I miss it already!


    Thanks to a new student recommendation, I now have my own "domain" -- "". For those of you who have trouble remember the complete name ""... here's something much easier, AND it brings you right to our site! Thanks to the entrepid Stanley Sheff, aka Maxwell DeMille, for making all this possible -- webhost extraordinaire.


    The shirts were sent to the wrong address! We have found them, and they are being re-routed to Rusty. We will be bringing them to the Rhythm Club and classes. If you are unable to get it at these locations, call me so we can arrange something: 310 606 5606.

    The response was so great, we will probably do another order soon.

    Rusty tap dancing in Norway
    BRAND New Scrapbooks! Click HERE

    SWING OUT! PASADENA -- NEXT WEEKENDJune 10, 11, 12: The folks who brought Lindy Hop back to Los Angeles in 1983 and Swing Camp Catalina, are planning a wonderful event this month -- SWING OUT! PASADENA. This weekend will include the legendary man himself -- Frankie Manning, a dance with the fabulous Stompy Jones, the Shout and Feel It dance company from Sweden (you want to get inspired... watch this group!), and more.

    Swing Shift

    * Wondering what the heck a "gate"is? This was a phrase popularized by 1940's comedian, Jerry Colonna, who would holler it out every time he was introduced on the Bob Hope radio program. It was a friendly salutation to a swing cat (dancer or swing music enthusiast).


    Many of you still don't know about our Swing Shift Rhythm Club. It's one of our best kept secrets. Now is the time to get the SSRC "above the radar."

    THE SWING SHIFT RHYTHM CLUB (SSRC), founded in 2000 by Rusty Frank's swing dance students, The SSRC has two missions:

    1. Having fun! (Fun) 2. Doing good deeds! (Philanthropy)

    1. Having fun: Events where swing dancers can socialize and get to know each other outside of class (vintage clothes shopping, going to a dance-related movie, dancing in the park, eating at retro restaurants before a dance, etc.).

    2. Doing good deeds: Events where we bring swing dancing to hospitals, senior homes, and community events for the purpose of good deeds, entertainment, and education in the Los Angeles area.

    The SSRC is a volunteer club open to the public and the events are organized by its members. There are no dues. Members can attend as many or as few events as they wish.

    "How do I join?"...
    Right now, fill in your email address
    and click the Yahoo log (that's it!):

    Subscribe to SwingShiftRhythmClub

    Then you will receive updates of activities (or you can organize one yourself!). Check the yahoogroup "Swing Shift Rhythm Club" calendar here for postings of upcoming events.

    Join us in making the world a better place through dancing!

    Thank you for joining!

    Rusty Frank, Founder
    Jessica Densmore, Philanthropic Events Coordinator
    Cathryn Sayer, "Just for Fun" Events Coordinator
    Norman Kajikawa, SSRC Photographer

    If you wish to exit this list, visit: