OCTOBER 15TH, 2001



This may look familiar to those who went to the Satin Ballroom last Saturday Night,
but it's actually a Los Angeles Dance from the early 1940's!!!


"...The Savoy was just what the title said.  It was the home of happy feet.
People who came in there to dance were out to swing."


--Count Basie
from Good Morning Blues
the Autobiography of Count Basie

¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ THIS WEEK'S NEWS ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥


Yes, that's right, this weekend is your last chance this year to attend the Vintage Fashion Expo, a thrice yearly extravaganza of goodies and clothing from the 1850's to the 1970's!!!  It will be held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on 1855 Main Street (at Pico) in Santa Monica, and costs only $10 to get in.  And it's worth every penny...the Vintage Fashion Expo is loaded from end to end with incredible, unique, beautifully presented vintage wares, guaranteed to tempt you.  Come down to Santa Monica this weekend and peruse this rare event!  (Vintage Fashion Expo; Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 20 &21; Hours -- Sat.:10am-6pm, Sun.:11am-5pm; Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 1855 Main Street)


It's hard to believe that another terrific series of classes has come and gone, but as ever, this gives us a chance to PARTY!!!  At the end of every four-week series of classes, we host a FREE, ALL AGES swing dance from 7pm until 10pm right at the Neptunian Woman's Club.  This Sunday will be the latest installment of what is without doubt one of our favorite ongoing events.  If you haven't been to one of these dances yet, come along!!!  And if you haven't been able to get out social dancing yet, this is the perfect opportunity -- the dance is always full of our students from Level One all the way up to Level Four and beyond.  We even get loads of our dancing friends from all over Southern California to come and join us for these parties!  So come along and bring any friends who may have been hinting that they're interested in all this great swing stuff!!!  (End-Of-Series Party; Sunday, October 21st; 7pm - 10pm; Neptunian Woman's Club, 920 Highland Avenue; Free & All Ages!)



The Rhythm Club swings out again this Wednesday night!   This wonderful venue just keeps getting stronger and more fun with every passing week.  Come on down and see why we're known as the friendliest swing club in Southern California!  We have dancers who attend regularly, driving from as far south as Irvine and from as far north as Santa Barbara!!!  They must be onto something!

Save the date, next Wednesday, October 24th, because our first Performance Class will be giving a display of their rip-roaring routine. They've worked really, really hard and we're sure that they would love it if you came out to root them on.  It might also inspire you to join the next Performance Class series starting on October 28th (see below for more info).

Then, the following week, Wednesday, October 31st, it's Halloween!!! So start making your plans to join us that night, in costume!!!  We're lucky to have the holiday fall directly on a dance night, so this will be our official Halloween Party for Lindy By The Sea this year!  We can't wait to see what everyone comes as, this time around. Remember, we want everyone to dress up, but make sure your common sense prevails: if you wear a mask, be sure you can still see enough to dance well, and please make sure that your costume doesn't involve any accessories or other things that might poke your partner or others around you!   But Rusty and Peter need suggestions for costumes for themselves...Have any ideas?  Let us know...we're hoping for something that ties in together, like a dance team or Fred and Ginger or something along those lines.  Please email us if you have any suggestions.

If you haven't been to Rusty and Peter's Rhythm Club yet, consider this your formal invitation to get down here and dance!   Don't forget that there is a beginner's swing class, so if you have any friends who may have been hinting that they're interested in this swing stuff, bring them along!  And then it's DANCING from 8:00pm until 11:30pm!  And with 2,800 square feet of dance floor, great air conditioning, plenty of parking (!!) and incredibly swingin' tunes, how can you go wrong???  YOU CAN'T!  Come dance with us Wednesday nights at Rusty & Peter's Rhythm Club!  (Rusty & Peter's Rhythm Club is held at the Elks Lodge; 8025 Manchester in Playa Del Rey; beginner's swing class from 7:30 - 8:00, dancing from 8:00 until 11:30; ALL AGES; $6 cover; tons of parking in rear; for more information click


Our first Performance Class has been a terrific success, with six weeks of great, high-energy choreography and technique!  We'll be taking a week off to host the End-Of-Series Party (see above), and then we're going to plunge right in with another six-week Performance Class again.  If you are interested in this class, here's the details:  The Performance Class is designed for people who want to take their dancing to the next level.  In each series, we will work on a single choreographed Lindy Hop number.  Because everything is set in the routine, it's not just an opportunity to learn moves, but a great chance to really concentrate on your styling and expression with a specific partner and in relationship to a group.  If you have ever taken our Lindy Chorus class -- imagine that multiplied!   In order to teach full routines and polish them well, each series will run in six-week blocks (taking a one-week break for the End-of-Series Party), and the classes will last from 7pm until 9pm. The classes will cost $80 for the full six weeks.  Also, you must have a partner for this series (it only has to be a partner for this class, not a permanent dance partner... and if you don't have a partner, but wish to join the class, let us know; we have a list of people wanting to take it).  Remember, you must be a Level Four dancer (or equivalent experience) in order to participate in this exciting new class!  Email us if you are interested in joining this class and you can always preregister online, just like any of our classes, at !  Hope to see you there!!!

¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ RECENT EVENTS ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥


L-R  June 5, 2000 Rusty and Keith (her paramedic!) three days after accident;
October 28, 2000 with Lance Benishek, Betty Wood, and Leonard Reed - Rusty in Halo;
February 21, 2001, a fabulous dip with Peter

(For those of you who are unfamiliar with "the accident", go to our faq:
and some nice pics on the web page of the recovery:

Last week was a big week for Rusty.

A VISIT TO THE NEUROLOGIST:  Monday, Rusty and Peter trotted down to Kaiser to meet with a neurologist.  He was terrific, and actually spent an hour with Rusty doing testing for all of her neurological symptoms resulting from her accident in June 2000.  These were his diagnosis:  Her spinal cord experienced a shock at the time of accident, and that was why she was paralyzed at the beginning, and why she still has numbness in her fingertips and various other minor symptoms.  The C2 nerve root got hit, as well, and that is the cause of all of the nerve pain in the back of her head.  She has mild across-the-board weakness (so fellows, if you are dancing with her and you lose her hand in a move -- that's why!).  The recent MRI taken in June 2001, showed a white spot in the middle of the spinal cord at C2 vertebrae; the doctor interpreted this as a syrinx - a traumatic cavity, about the size of a piece of barley. The doctor will keep a close eye on this to make certain it is not enlarging.  His conclusions were that Rusty is still in the recovery phase, and that she should get better and better.  He said the best thing to do is keep active.  When asked whether or not it was a good thing that she was so active while wearing the Halo, he remarked it was the best thing she could have done for her recovery and the very reason she is doing so remarkably well today.  Most patients, he said, stay home and just sit and are afraid to move, and they don't ever regain their full mobility.  So all of you who were worried, you can now rest easy.

A VISIT TO THE PAIN CLINIC:  As the pain has really been wiping Rusty out lately, she was able to get an appointment for the Kaiser Pain Clinic to again get a series of "nerve blocks."  These are injections that go right
into her head, a sort of cocktail of lidocaine and other meds that will hopefully stop the nerves from firing so much.  When Rusty asked Peter how long he thought the needles were (her estimation was about three inches), he said, "They're the size of a harpoon!"  So it seems three inches was about accurate.  Rusty has had two treatments in the past with nerve blocks and they have brought the level of pain down.  So on Wednesday, Rusty and Peter trotted down to the Kaiser Pain Clinic and the doc there gave her six injections.  The good news is that they really seemed to have taken this time.  Rusty has been able to walk in a breeze and it hasn't hurt like the dickens, and you may have noticed she was wearing a bandana yesterday and not constantly rubbing her head. She even wore earrings to the Satin Ballroom on Saturday (wow!). She was also able to sleep on an ordinary pillow again!  If this set of blocks continues to hold, it is the first time in fifteen months that Rusty will have been able to put her head on a pillow without an excruciating pain.  Yahoo!  Cross your fingers.

A VISIT TO THE PHYSICAL THERAPIST:   For many months now, Rusty has been seeing Jenni Johnson (a student of Rusty and Peter's) for her physical therapy, and it's really been helping.  Jenni has been confident from the get-go that she will be able to get Rusty back to 100% mobility.  Currently, Jenni is treating Rusty twice a week (two of Rusty's favorite moments of the week, because Jenni is such a great therapist!), and Jenni has Rusty to about 70%.  Jenni has explained, that as a result of the 6 1/2 month immobilization during the Halo, Rusty's joints basically locked up.  Her treatments involve getting those joints to begin moving and gliding smoothly again.  Rusty especially wants to thank Jenni for her long-term commitment to Rusty's recovery -- it has made all the difference!

Again, thanks to everyone for your constant concern.  It is much appreciated.  We knew from the start this was one of those "long haul" situations, and you have all really stuck in there with us.  Thanks for staying dancing with us, because that keeps Rusty dancing, and keeps her improving!


Jean Veloz pictured with Chuck

Last Saturday night saw the return of one of the most popular swing venues in the world: The Satin Ballroom!!!  This incredible event usually attracts hundreds and hundreds of swing dancers from all over to dance the night away to incredible live bands, and this time was no exception!  The fabulous Swing Session held forth, playing with their customary fire and unbridled swing, and they were even selling and autographing copies of their new CD, "Whispering Grass"!  The turn-out was spectacular, and everyone seemed to have a ball!  Rusty and Peter were there, and Peter even got to dance with the one and only Jean Veloz!  (Dreamy!)  Rusty, Tise, Lovelynn, and, newest recruit, Hilary made another surprise appearance as the Swing Session Soundie Girls!  For those of you who may not know, Soundies were short films made in the 1930's and 40's of bands.  Oftentimes in these shorts, many girls were featured, whose sole purpose, apparently, was to look cute, gaze longingly at the band, and shimmy.  Our four Soundie Girls lived up to this notable tradition admirably, and Pops Walsh, the singer for Swing Session, ate it all up, mugging and playing with the Soundie Girls all through the song "How Come?"

We also wanted to pass along to everyone something that was written and distributed by Monika and Reinhardt, the minds behind the Satin Ballroom.  We read this and loved it -- we felt you all would like to read it as well...


A few days after September 11, we posted a powerful picture on our web site:  In an act of defiance and determination, a group of worn out, dusty firefighters are seen hoisting an American flag over the ruins of the World Trade Center. Today, the very same flag is in a far different place. It is currently flying from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. And as the first targets are being destroyed, we are told that this is only the beginning of a struggle that will not take months, but years.

LetÕs be clear about one thing: The goal of a terrorist attack is much more than killing people or destroying buildings. Terrorists seek to instill fear.  They seek to break our spirit. They seek to disrupt our economy. They want us to give up our way of life! If we let our fears go wild, if we sit at homescared, then we are surrendering. Even worse! If we let others see that attacks like those on September 11 achieve their goals, we encourage new attacks. This is why it is more important than ever to do what PresidentBush has asked the Nation to do: ÒTake your families and enjoy life!Ó

LetÕs go out! See a movie, a performance, dine, travel, support the economy, the businesses, the entertainers and artists who make this country what it is. The Taliban hate music and dance. In fact, they forbid it. Luckily, they canÕt forbid anything here.  This is our music, and the entire world knows it. This is our dance. This is our way of life, and we hope you will join us. LetÕs get together and show our colors. LetÕs dance and enjoy life! And for one evening, letÕs not think about our troubles!


We are proud to offer as this week's "Link of the Week", a website detailing the events coming up this Saturday night at the historic Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles!  This absolutely breathtaking theatre was built in the heyday of the movie palaces and vaudeville theatres of L.A.  Now, through the efforts of the LA Conservancy, this vital and gorgeous site has been restored to it's original splendor.  And to celebrate, the theatre is playing host to a big bash: Swinging at the Orpheum!!!  There will be dining and dancing all evening, featuring the sounds of none other than Mora's Modern Rhythmists!  Rusty and Peter will be there, along with the inimitable Maxwell DeMille (aka Stanley Sheff). The party goes from 8:30pm until Midnight, and you couldn't ask for a more glamorous evening out!  For more information about the gala dance benefit, click on the official web page at where you can find out about tickets and more!  Hope to see you there!!!

See you soon!

Rusty and Peter
Swing Shift