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Over the years Rusty Frank and her dance scene have been covered on radio, in the news, and in print. Enjoy these stories.

March 13, 2014 - KTLA Story
On Lindy By The Sea

KTLA stopped by Lindy by the Sea and did this delightful story. Included here is both the "teaser" and the 2 minute story.

Thanks to the delightful Lu Parker, KTLA anchor, for presenting swing dancing as we see it - fun!



Cover Girl! Yes, Rusty & Ted were featured on the cover of The Argonaut Newspaper. The feature article really captured the spirit of our Lindy Hop scene and Rusty's mission. Take a look HERE.

In September 2014, Rusty is interviewed by SwingNation. The 1/2 hour show covers a gamut of topics in the swing dance world, past and present, local and international, and includes an interview. click HERE.

In May 2011, Lindy by the Sea was featured on Insight. Take a look HERE

In June 2011, Rusty appeared in an article on men's fashion in the Huffington Post. Take a look HERE

In February 2008, Rusty receives "DWDr Local Dance Hero Award." To read this delightful decree, click HERE.

In September 2004, Rusty was interviewed by Rahne Pistor for The Argonaut. Take a look HERE

In July 2004, Rusty was interviewed by Jeff Nichols of Take a look HERE

In April 2004, Rusty was interviewed by Australian's Perth Western Suburbs Newspaper. Take a look HERE

In April 2004, Rusty was interviewed on Australia's ABC radio. Take a look and a listen HERE

In December 2002, Rusty was voted L.A. "Lindy Hopper of the Month." If you would like to read the interview conducted by Sonia Alvarado for her website ( click HERE

In November 2000, Rusty was interviewed in Dance Magazine by Janine Gastineau, for an article entitled: "Swing's Social Spirit Woos Former Hoofer.(Rusty Frank now teaching swing dance)". To read this article, click HERE

In 1997, Rusty was living and performing in the UK. Here's a delightful TV spot featuring and interview with Glenn Miller's nephew and dancing by Rusty Frank & Simon Selmon. Click HERE to view