Lunch Time Lessons with Rusty Frank


Critically acclaimed dancer and instructor, Rusty Frank, offers lunch time group dance lessons in Swing Dance & Lindy Hop at your place of business. In her upbeat classes, she will "wake up" your workers and enable them to be more productive for the rest of their work day.

Contact Rusty by EMAIL or Phone (310 606 5606)

Rusty Frank, pictured right


"Going to swing class is a great, healthy break in my day, and re-energizes me for the rest of my day. It's also a wonderful way to bond with people from other departments with whom I wouldn't normally interact."

-- Serena, Riot Games

Worker before Rusty's Swing Dance Class...     Worker After Rusty's Swing Dance Class!


Outside of the fun people will have in the dance class, what else will it offer?


There are countless work benefits by your employees taking an active break in their work day. These include:

- More alert employees
- More creative employees
- Increased productivity and efficiency
- More feel good about the company
- More comraderie among workers
- Increased energy levels


Having healthy employees means less sick days and lost work time.

Taking breaks during the work day has long been advocated by the medical profession. Among the benefits of taking breaks throughout the day:

Lowered blood pressure
Reduced stress
Decreased chance of getting heart disease
Reduced chance of getting Repetitive Stress Syndrome
Reduced eye strain


How do I set up my lessons with Rusty?
Just contact Rusty by EMAIL or Phone (310 606 5606)

What times does she have available?
Times are flexible for week days.

Where are the lessons held?
Right at your business.

How much are the lessons?
Call Rusty for pricing, it depends on your location and how far she has to travel to get to you. It's definitely affordable!

How many people can come to the lesson?
As many as can fit in the room in which you'll hold the class.

Do we need an even number of men and women
In partner dancing, there are two roles: Leaders and Followers. It helps tremendously if there are equal numbers in each, that way people don't have to stand out. And these days, it really doesn't matter which role people take (not gender specific) Rusty will rotate the students regularly, so everyone will get exercise and practice.

Contact Rusty by EMAIL or Phone (310 606 5606)



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Northrop Grumman
Riot Games
Your Business?



I just wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am that Swing Dancing exists at Riot! I look forward to it all week and Thursdays are always my favorite lunch hour! I really feel re-energized after class when I come back to my desk and ready to plunge into my next project or pick up my current project with renewed vim and vigor. I just always feel so much better after each class. I also really love getting to meet so many other rioters that I otherwise would very rarely come in contact with... we Rioters rule and I am pretty tucked away in my area, and when I do interact with other departments, its usually to chase them down over tedious stuff, so it's nice to get to meet new peeps outside of the "bad-guy-ruining-your-day" context. All of this is besides the fact that it's just a total blast, plain and simple! I wanted to join for the longest time, but couldn't due to the cost, so now that Uncle Riot has made it free, I am the happiest camper.

Anyways, thanks so much for coordinating all this awesomeness for us... buckets and buckets of awesomeness!


Kristen Lowman Finance Department

It's easy to forget to get up from my desk, even just to grab a glass of water or use the restroom. Swing dancing is not only an excuse for me to pull myself away from work and move around but it's something I really look forward to. I've met so many people from other departments that I otherwise would have never met. It actually makes me feel more embedded into Riot and it makes me look forward to Thursdays more than I look forward to Fridays (totally not joking). I feel really proud of the skills I've picked up from this class and Cyriaque and I have busted our swing dancing moves at Riot parties and it feels really awesome when people appreciate our dancing. Bottom line is that it's really fun and I've had so many takeaways from this class. It makes me happy!

Christina Wun

Swing dance class is one of the highlights of my week. In this exponentially-growing company, it has been a uniquely wonderful opportunity to interact with Rioters from other departments with whom I normally would never have the chance to meet. Thus, though Riot has outgrown the "everybody knows my name" feel, swing class - and the bonds I've built through it - has helped me pick out a friendly face from every department, effectively "shrinking" the now almost-intimidating employee size of the company.

Additionally, swing class is a healthy break in my day and even week. I often find myself eating lunch every day at my desk, trying to crank through one thing or another, but when it comes to swing class, the health benefits of the exercise it offers helps me rationalize tearing myself away. After class, I always return to work more energized and, oftentimes, with a fresh perspective to tackle any outstanding work conundrums.

Therefore, swing class indirectly supports my improved performance as an employee, and strengthens my bonds to Riot itself through my increased connections with the newer faces of Riot.

This class is often the illustrative example I use to share with others the healthy, work-life balance that Riot strives to provide, and I am endlessly appreciative that Riot has made this class, along with all its benefits, available to me.

Thank you!

Serena Wang

One of the things I love most about working at Riot is how aggressively they pursue a healthy work life balance. Before working the long hours that I put in at Riot, I enjoyed taking Swing Dancing classes to relax and re-energize me. It helped to keep me fit, was socially fulfilling, all while learning a new skill. When I started here and I saw how firm the commitment was to promoting a healthy work/life balance, I was overjoyed.

I can't always make it to dance class every week, because my job can get pretty hectic- but I always appreciate it being available.

Chris Cantrell

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