$7,000 RAISED!!!

Benefiting the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

From Rusty Frank, September 15, 2005

Greetings Gates,

My heart is so full today, really overflowing with emotion and happiness from last night's fundraiser. The spirit in the room at Rusty's Rhythm Club was brimming with the knowledge that we were doing something special together in the midst of what we love -- dancing and music.

I will never forget last night and all the warmth, kindness, generosity, and enthusiasm apparent on the faces of each and every one of you.

You are each a treasure to have in my life, and I thank you again for showing me proof there is great good in this world.


Rhythm Club - The Raffle: $566.00

Rhythm Club - The Silent Auction: $1,815.00

Rhythm Club - Contributions at the Door: $751.00

Rhythm Club - The Fabulous Esquires: $150.00

Rhythm Club - Rusty's Rhythm Club: $240.00

Joel Plys San Diego Dance 9/17/05 $564.00

Private donations

Matching Grant

All of this money will go directly to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to aid the Katrina victims get back on their feet.


We had so many people volunteer to make this event a success. I know I'll leave someone out, but here goes:

-Door Stops: Jessica, Peter, Dave, and anyone else who helped out there.

-Raffle Ticket Collectors: Roger, Lisa, Jamie, and I know there's more here!

-Early Bird Helpers: All of you!

-Clean up crew: Jon, Jamie, Jessica

-Maxwell DeMille for so excellently adding his flair to the MCing

-Robert Vangor "The Professor" for his inspiring dj-ing

I want to again thank Wolfgang Fengler, one of the Esquire's fearless leaders, for making the evening especially linked to New Orleans by choosing music of that area's artists (Louis Armstrong, Harry Connick, Jr.).

And let us mention again that the Esquire's donated $150 out of their fee!

I would to thank especially Cathryn Sayre "Captain Fun" for making all the Silent Auction Sheets and collecting the checks at the end of the night. Cathryn worked side by side with me to make sure all the "paper work" got done. I know I would have been in a straight jacket if she hadn't been there for the past two weeks helping me. It's hard to imagine the hours that went into the prep work.

I was so happy to make an additional $240 donation from our cover charge income.


Thanks to the generosity of promoters for donating our Raffle grand prizes:

Hilary Alexander for donating one full Weekend Camp Hollywood Pass (http://camphollywood.net)

Joel Plys for donating two full Weekend Balboa Rendezvous Passes (http://2plyswing.com)


All of you who chased down vendors and brought in so many wonderful Silent Auction items - what great hearts you have. Donations came from near and far (we even had a donation from Melbourne, Australia!:

Ann Kwinn
Bill Nye
Brad Berlin
Colin McKenzie
Dave Aurit
Esquires Big Band
Fayard & Katherine Nicholas
Jan Bowler (Cafe Boogaloo & Rajin Cajun)
Jerry & Tamie
Jesse Gearhart
John Kanaster (www.ftmac.org)
Judy Pritchett (www.Savoystyle.com)
Kiersten & Paul Stuessy
Liz Powell
Michael DiAngelo
Mitzi Gaynor
Nathan & Crystal ("The Sweethearts of Swing")
Revamp Vintage Clothing
Roger Grass
Scott Haller
Sharlene Choy
Steven Smith
Stop Staring Clothing
Susan Shein


Thank you all again for making my dream come true. And if you haven't figured out yet what that is... it's making the world a better place through swing dancing.

P.S. If you would like to see a truly touching video piece from Hilary Alexander, click HERE. It's only 2 1/2 minutes long, and is made up of news footage, some super8 shots she took in 1991, and some footage from a movie called "Down By Law" from 1986.

P.S.S. Here's a really wonderful letter that came in from Steven Smith, silent auction donor, Lindy by The Sea student, and raffle winner!:

Rusty and Cathryn [who helped organize the silent auction] -

Two weeks ago, I thought "fundraiser - hmmm, great idea...but everyone's so busy, and in just two weeks?" What you pulled off last night shows just what amazing things can be done with the right combination of heart, hard work, and imagination.

Even though most attendees had probably already donated something to Katrina relief, you created such an atmosphere of enthusiasm and generosity that the three thousand dollars you raised is nothing short of remarkable.

Not incidentally, you also concocted one of the most fantastic, fun evenings at the Rhythm Club in recent memory. And I'm not just saying that because I won the Camp Hollywood pass! (That really happened, right? I didn't dream it?)


Your fan, Steven

Another letter from 9/16/05

Dear Dreamer.

I am sorry that I was unable to attend last night's fundraiser.

Even though I have already contributed to the Red Cross, I would like support the rhythm club fund. The Rhythm Club, it's dancers the musicians and DJs and you, Rusty, have enriched my life with dance and music and I would like to be part of this important and humanitarian effort. The hurricane and flood impacted so many and this is the least that I can do.

In love and service,