Couples Who Met At Rusty's

Do you know a couple who met and/or
got together at Rusty's?
Lindy by the Sea?

Brian & Kimmy met in class and got married on the Lindy Cruise.
Rusty say's "YEAH!" and thumbs up!

Over the years, we have had many people who met through dancing. Here is a list of what we were able to collect so far.

You never know what happens when we say, "Rotate, and introduce yourself to your new dance partner"!

If you know of any more people who got together, send their names over to me:


Here's the list I have so far:

Amanda & Chris*++
Ana & Travis*
Andrea & John
Carla & Chris*+
Charlotte & Thomas*
Fran & David**
Jenny & Wolf*
Kimmy & Brian*+
Krista & M.G.*
Kristy & Joseph*+
Laura & Ryan*
Leora & Rich*+
Marisa & Mike*+
Melissa & Doug*+
Rachelle & Michael*
Rebeca & Paul
Shana & Mike*++
Stephanie & Stephen*
Vicki Hong & Nitant Karnik*

+=Married and Children (e.g. "Lindy by the Sea Babies")


"Hey, Mizuki, let's hurry up and learn how to walk so we can dance!"