We couldn't resist putting up this amazing letter, 'cause we agree with every word!

Happy Reading,

Rusty Frank & Scott Lawrence
Co-Founders, Pops Emergency Relief Fund


July 20, 2007


If I were the type to wear hats, once again you'd find me coming to you with it in my hand to ask you to dig into your hearts and your wallets to help out a friend in need. This time I'm asking for someone who has given so many of us on this list so much joy that I'm sure most of you would be more than willing to do whatever you can to help.

The person I'm talking about always had a twinkle in his eye that seemed to find its way into his voice, and get somehow absorbed through our feet into our very souls. He is one of those rare performers whose talent has the power to allow you to see the impending future of a happy sunny day when you're in the midst of a typhoon at midnight. And if the love he gave us from the stage were a commodity that could be bottled, most of the pharmaceutical industry aimed at mood elevation would be out of business.

I'm talking about Peter "Pops" Walsh, the erstwhile (and hopefully) future singer of Stompy Jones. If you were hiding out in a cave on Zontara for the last year or so, then you don't know that he's been missing in action with the band due to health reasons. And as much as we love them, and respect their intentions to move forward with some very talented replacement singers, somehow Stompy Jones without Pops never seemed quite as Stompy.

While we were wishing a speedy return to health (admittedly so that he could come back to Southern Cali and dish out some more of that wonderful vocal serotonin), it seems that he's hit yet another bump in the road to recovery. Now it's reached the stage where he could seriously use our help.

I know that it seems that every third DWDr (Darrell's Weekly Dance Report) this season, has been some kind of appeal for you to help this or that cause: Save the Snaildarter (tiny fish need love too); Algebra Books for Afghanis (tesseracts not talibans); DFESSE (Darrell's Foundation for the Enhancement of Stripper Self Esteem), I know it seems endless. But here's a cause that's truly worthy and when you really think about it, it's a bargain to boot.

As I see it, this isn't so much as a handout, but an overdue payment for services rendered. Look at it this way, if you were feeling a little depressed, you could go to a therapist (probably a minimum of $90/hour) who'd probably prescribe an anti-depressant like say, Paxil, which even if you could import it from Canada would run you about $70 for a tiny bottle. So it would end up costing you about $200 to feel a little better. However, if you were feeling a little depressed, you could go to a club and catch Pops for about a three-hour show, dance a little and walk out feeling better for about $10-$15, or $25 if you decide to get a CD. So as I figure it, you already owe him at least $175 per visit for services rendered (and we won't even consider the interest). Pay the man!

But seriously folks, if you're interested in helping Pops visit this weblink created by the Florence Nightingale of musical artists, Rusty Frank, and Pops' bandmate, Scott Lawrence the pianist for Stompy Jones. And if somebody wants to organize a dance benefit event for Pops,' I'll market the hell out of it!

Thanks again dancers. You truly are the bestest people.

Darrell Hope

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