Pops (Peter Walsh) Emergency Fund - Funding Update


The Pops Emergency Relief Fund was founded on July 18, 2007. We will attempt to update you on a regular basis.

Donations have come in from all across the United States, and overseas including England, Germany, New Zealand (stay tuned for more).

Thank you all for your generosity.

Rusty Frank & Scott Lawrence
Co-Founders, Pops Emergency Relief Fund


FEBRUARY 14, 2008
Update from Rusty Frank

Dear Friends of Pops,

All the money that we collected last year helped Pops and Lois survive up until now. However at the end of this month, that money will have been all used up on their cost of living bills. They are still trying to get help from all sorts of sources, but it's time to reactivate the fund until that funding comes through.

Whatever you can give will be of tremendous monetary and emotional help for these treasured people.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all your generosity.

Most sincerely,


JULY 23, 2007
Update from Rusty Frank

Dear Friends of Pops,

How can I thank you for your immense generosity? The response to our "Pops Appeal" has been more than wonderful.

I opened the fund on Thursday evening, and by Friday morning enough had came in that I was able to send Pops and Lois your donations which have covered ALL their bills for this month!

Hip, hip, hooray!!!

I have been in constant contact with Pops, and he is overwhelmed by your love and support. He has said things like:

    "I knew I had some friends out there, but I had no idea how many!"

    "It's amazing to know the impact you've made on people's hearts in your own lifetime."

But the most stirring one for me thus far is:

    "Lois and I have been waking up every morning in darkness and terror. But today we woke up in light."

(If that one doesn't get you....)

With all of us working together, Pops and Lois won't fall through the cracks. They still have their health problems to deal with on a daily basis, but at least for right now, they no longer have to worry about the electricity being turned off, loosing their health insurance, or being kicked out of their apartment -- thanks to YOU.

He loves you all!

Thank you and keep spreading the word. Let's keep that help coming in.

All my thanks and best wishes,

Rusty Frank co-founder, Pops Emergency Relief Fund