Dear Rusty

Be really proud of yourself to be able to create an affair to have a good time and have so many people celebrate you.


I wish you to have many many more celebrations, after all life is a party, eh!

I had a good time too.


Hi Rusty,

I just wanted to congratulate you on the successful show last Sunday and thank you for putting me on the guest list. Unfortunately I could not make it earlier and only got to hear Bill's last two tunes. But I was glad to see everyone had a good time! I briefly talked to Pops and it was good to see that your efforts for him and his wife were successful.

Best regards,

Reinhard :.


He so hit it on the head (Darrell's letter). What a night. My feet were still hurting on Monday. I can not believe what joy and fun it was. What a way to end my vacation. Amazing does not even come close to describing the night.

I am so glad it was such a hit.


*Sigh* I am just sick with happiness about Decade of Dance. : )


Hi Rusty,

Pat and I had a wonderful time at the decade of dance Sunday night. I hope you did, too.

- Tanya Mills

Hi Rusty,

As a "newbie" learning swing and a mere seven classes under my belt, so to speak, I truly enjoyed your Decade of Dance Party!! What fun and inspiration watching and talking to "the pro's." A truly great job to all involved in setting up the event. I'm looking forward to learning more steps and getting out there to strut my stuff!


It was awesome!!!!! I'm very proud of you that you work sooooo hard to keep the swing scene alive. I'll be there for the 20th too!!!!



What a great event!!! From the reaction of that crowd, you'll have to get Bill back -- soon!

Ed Stauss

You're in the smile of every one of us. It's you who made this shindig happen and reunited us again. Quite remarkable and rare. Well done, Rusty!

Lots of love,-- Regina

Hi Rusty,

Again, congratulations on your very successful event, as well as 10 successful years.

Thanks, see ya later,


It was FAB.. congrats Rusty on building such a large family and glad i'm apart of it!

thank you



When all is said and done, if you can say you touched some people's lives, made a difference, put in more than you took out - that was living.

Mazel tov on a great evening. You deserved it.


Happy New Year Rusty,

And a Happy 10th Anniversary Year- celebrate all year long! Big congratulations to you and all the bands, dancers, entertainers, instructors, dj's and volunteers that have made LBS & RC the enduring success that it is. I wish you another 10 years (yes! Please do!) and beyond! I'm so glad that I can say I was there in the early days with LBS. Ahhh the good ol' days at the Neptunian Women's club when Scott & I only were only a 3 minute walk away. That was truly awesome! And of course all the time in Hermosa as well!

Cheers, Cheryll & Scott