Greetings Gates,

It was the most amazing evening for me. Having family, friends, and all the dancers there in one room, and a room that looked so beautiful... and the fantastic Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra and Cassie Miller & The Lucky Stars, and the surprise guest singers, Pops Walsh, and Johnny Boyd... well... what can I say? I am still stunned by it all. I stood back throughout the evening to breathe it all in. It was like we all stepped into our perfect world, and it's a vision I'll never forget.

Darrell Hope has beautifully put into words a summation of the dance, which he has renamed "The Dance of the Decade." For those who were there, you can relive the night, for those who were not, this will truly let you know what the evening unfolded. I know you will enjoy reading it, and I have included it below.

I could not let another day go by without publicly thanking the following people who all VOLUNTEERED their services to make this event what it was. Please honor these people by taking a minute to read their names and say a big "thank you" to them of your own:

The Decade of Dance Production Team (Pictured above): Mark Barclay, Ji Han, and Monika Ploner. Without these three amazing people this event never would have happened. They put in so many hours of work, creativity, and keeping me calm, you'll just never know. So three cheers for Mark, Ji, and Monika.

I was completely remise at the event in not publicly thanking Wolf Fengler. You know him as the fearless leader of the Fabulous Esquires and clarinet player extraordinaire… Wolf brought in all the Esquires' sound equipment, set it up, was the sound man (which was no easy feat in that there was no sound check with the band), and break down again. Wolf, you are an angel (of that we already knew).

Thanks to Maxwell DeMille, who once again made a special event that much more special with his "era-eloquence and wit." What would it be without him?!

To Robert "The Professor" Vangor for suppling all the beautiful dance music before, inbetween, and after Bill Elliott's orchestra played. You are our treasure.

To all the check in crew & general volunteers (please forgive me if I missed anyone): Emily Callahan, Sharlene Choy, Kristy Forsyth, Dale Frank, Al Joyal, Steve Kanengiser, Mike Klein, Jon Moody, Evadne Morakis, Susan Price, Benji Sterling, Pauline Yasuda, Barbara & Steven Yeah.

To our photographers and videographers: Eddie Avila, John Richardson, Gregory Gast & Jon Moody, thank you for making sure we have something for posterity!

To Annamarie, Revamp, for the loan of the Candy Girl outfits, and to our Candy (DVD) Girls: Alexis Amorosi and Danielle Cole – boy, oh, boy, were you adorable!

And thanks to all of YOU! Your ongoing enthusiasm, support, and love of the music and dance are what really keep this thing called "Swing" going.

I thought you might be interested in what my father told me yesterday: "When I looked around the dance that night, I realized what you've really done there is create one big family."

Thank you all very much!